Seven Devils

Viole's blog 002

So I pre-gamed a bit before the show, everyone needs a little morale boost. You can practice as much as possible, but if you keep that up right before the show without a little release, you might explode at the wrong time. Amiright? ;D

Damn propangadist-ers. Ughh… well, for those of you that were there and aren’t dead or in the mend, you know what happened, but I know everyone couldn’t have been free that day, so here’s a recap.

I honestly don’t know what went on and why, I don’t think it had to do with me, but for the reason the gig was gig-ged. I’m not a big follower on politics, figured there was enough, “DOWN WITH THE SYSTEM!” vocalists. I’m just in it for the fun of it. Seriously though, where the fuck did they learn their manners? You don’t just interrupt someone when they’re performing, thank god most of those blowhards got mulched. The giant robo-bunny skated and raped some of the shooters in the trees, seriously, if he and Fade didn’t go running off, most of you attendees wouldn’t be sitting on the net viewing my afterthoughts. Although, there would have been more able-bodied survivors if the speakers didn’t knock the brains out of the ones diehard enough to be in close proximity.

Also, come on guys, I know some of you may support those megaphone wielding blowhards, but you gotta at some point and draw the line between whether or not what they were doing was cool or not. They were wrecking the experience of your fellow fans! Even if you do share their same ideas, think for yourself and do some research in the history decks on past extremist organizations like.. PETA or something.

And yes, I know a lot of you got the chance to see my tits in the flesh. I know some of you have seen it already, but congrats on the newbies! And for those who couldn’t hear, I could have swore one of the blowhards’ bodyguards owned his client for not appreciate my funbags. Made my day, also the fact that I got payed.

Oh, and Misty is okay, my inbox knows your sympathy for her.

Anyhoo, till next time loves~



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