Seven Devils

Viole's blog 001

I know, I know, the blog count is reset, I was messing with the settings.. could get someone to help, but fuck that.

Damn the Electric Clam is getting in some new meat lately. Everyday a new thing is coming to age and realizing, “I think I want me a new tat o, but I need cash,” or, “I really wanna get my gal that new so-and-so attachment…” which isn’t so bad, the ones with their own girls are really hard workers and their bods are well kept for them. It’s so sweet, glad I’m helping them out of my own enjoyment. Although, a lot of them have retained a decent amount of flesh, organic sculpted muscles do beat the factory made in originality.

Oh, I got a gig from Silver Dollar, damn, if that lap dance was any longer he might have found someone else… I should probably get my priorities straight, poor Misty needs some inflow ever since… well, you guys know if you’ve been reading since the beginning. ;D

Silver Dollar got the band a bodyguard already, but I felt the need to get my own muscle that I knew. Good guy, kept his cool even when the newbies caught fire that one time. You think they’d bring more fireproof clothing to one of my shows. Note: Don’t play an enhanced Solo at pool unless you’re just in it for the fun.
Oh man, you guys should have seen his friend, a head wound caused by a gunfight with an old guy. Poor guy kept wanting to go to the hospital, tried getting our favorite medtech to help him… accidently stabbed him. It shocked her nerves so she thinks she’ll try again later or maybe he’ll cave in to go to the hospital, he did ask who was willing to pay his room. Oh, this guy is the guy who’s making my sound travel and making you lovely fans sparkle. I offered to pay for his treatment (he might have a bit of scarring) if he’ll do some work on my future shows. It felt like more of a moral obligation, seeing as how my pal may have made it worse.

When I went to scout out the stage, I got to meet who Silver Dollar hired. A giant robo bunny. I’m pretty damn sure he’s cybered out and could probably punch someone’s leg clear off, which is damn cool. Sadly, the poor sap doesn’t seem to have working genitals or has a very sturdy metal cup.

If you guys haven’t seen the flyer yet or just like being reminded, we’re playing at the Metro next to the giant Dino Turd! Please bring some fireproof protection and make your friends wear some, the chorus of screams from people on fire is rather rude for those trying to enjoy the show.

Love you guys~



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