Seven Devils

Kasumi's First Entry

Kasumi's Log

Well, my first day had a very bad start. >_<

I feel bad about hurting the bodyguard I wanted to heal…though…Viole-san did tell him not to flinch… >_>;;

We went over to the park to see who our bodyguards were and where we were playing. One bodyguard was on his bike, she on her’s, and I drove my car. The bodyguard already there had to gall the call her ‘wide legs’….the nerve! ._.; He was very metal and very forward, still…she took to him easily enough because of his ‘bunny ears’. xD

One of the bodyguards, the one who’s face got more hurt, was setting up the lights and sound equipment. She told him she wanted it to be more sparkly…guess I better to keep away from the stage…and him… x_x;;;;




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