Seven Devils

Kasumi's 2nd Entry

Kasumi's Log

Hi everyone! _

It was so much fun getting to see you all rocking out with Viole-san and I. Too bad things happened as they did.

Oh yeah~ Before I go into that, I’m happy to say that things are going a bit better on the healing side of things. x3 Remember the last time when I said that things didn’t go well when I tried to heal the one I called a bodyguard? Well, gave it a go this time with Nick-san (who is actually our techie…I wonder if I should still call him one of the bodyguards?) and things went much better this time around….too bad about the scar though… >_<;>

To all those that came SUPER early (like 3 hours before!), I hope you all enjoyed what you could…even if it was just me helping setup the equipment with Nick-san while our bodyguards patrolled for a bit. I bet you guys were even more excited once Viole-san finally showed…who wouldn’t? She was likely having fun with a groupie to be ‘late’ and all….figures~ But that’s Viole-san for you… xS

Again, thanks to all that came out to support us as we rocked out for you! It’s unfortunate that things decided to go wrong as they did. Why can’t people just relax and enjoy the music (…and Viole-san? xP)? I wish so many who came to support us didn’t have to die like that…makes me sad. I don’t think I could handle killing anyone…I’d MUCH rather be up there with Viole-san and make things fun!

I wonder if any of you actually did enjoy the gunfire? I tried to keep playing for all of you who still tried to watch us…how’d it go? >_>; I caught glimpses of what was happening while concentrating on all of you and the music though. Olaf-san (I wonder if he’d let me call him Usagi-kun…he DOES look like a bunny after all~) was amazing O_O…I don’t know how he could get over there so far and so fast. With all the gunshots in that direction…it must have really hurt. I feel sorry he had to endure that. >_<;>

I hope everyone isn’t too mad at Nick-san for what he did. >_< I noticed him fiddling with the sound board but wasn’t sure until it was too late. I don’t know what really happened after the equipment blew…I must have blacked out for awhile. x_x Although…I’ve heard tidbits of Viole-san doing something naughty? Not too surprising I guess -_o;;

Neh…a lot of things must have happened when the lot of us were out as I just remember waking up to things being mostly settled with only a couple of those….jerks…left. I’m starting to wonder if Nick-san is mad at me…he threw a flash grenade in my direction (I suppose at the jerks but…didn’t quite go right)…so I decided to get away from him for awhile. >_>;;

I felt better once I was able to tend to Usagi-kun (such a fitting nickname for Olaf-san, no?) but wow….he had SOOO many wounds. O_O

Things to do…
- Maybe it’s time for me to see if I can put my doctor’s license to use again…don’t worry everyone, I’m not going to stop playing with Viole-san or anything! Maybe I can use the extra money for voice lessons and then I can add some harmony for Viole-san…would all of you like that? x3
- I wonder how it’d be to create medicine for Viole-san and myself? …I know she’s poked me for a few, um, toys she wants. Everyone might need to watch out ._.;;
- I think it’s time I got a cell phone. Been awkward a few times I’ve had to be away from Viole-san and no good way to contact her. And no, I won’t be giving all of you my number! xP
- The whole incident made me wonder if I should go do some target practice…and some sort of deterrent. I don’t want to kill ever, but I want to help protect Viole-san and all of you if I can!

Ja Ne~

~Misty-chan _



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