Seven Devils

Journey out of Poverty 2
I'm slightly less poor and Viole's fans are slightly more deaf.

Going to try my hand at a bit of poetry folks, hopefully it isn’t too painful.

I made money.
Some guy was eviscerated by a bunny.
I probably owe some people a lot of rum.
For all the broken ear drums.

Kasumi's 2nd Entry
Kasumi's Log

Hi everyone! _

It was so much fun getting to see you all rocking out with Viole-san and I. Too bad things happened as they did.

Oh yeah~ Before I go into that, I’m happy to say that things are going a bit better on the healing side of things. x3 Remember the last time when I said that things didn’t go well when I tried to heal the one I called a bodyguard? Well, gave it a go this time with Nick-san (who is actually our techie…I wonder if I should still call him one of the bodyguards?) and things went much better this time around….too bad about the scar though… >_<;>

To all those that came SUPER early (like 3 hours before!), I hope you all enjoyed what you could…even if it was just me helping setup the equipment with Nick-san while our bodyguards patrolled for a bit. I bet you guys were even more excited once Viole-san finally showed…who wouldn’t? She was likely having fun with a groupie to be ‘late’ and all….figures~ But that’s Viole-san for you… xS

Again, thanks to all that came out to support us as we rocked out for you! It’s unfortunate that things decided to go wrong as they did. Why can’t people just relax and enjoy the music (…and Viole-san? xP)? I wish so many who came to support us didn’t have to die like that…makes me sad. I don’t think I could handle killing anyone…I’d MUCH rather be up there with Viole-san and make things fun!

I wonder if any of you actually did enjoy the gunfire? I tried to keep playing for all of you who still tried to watch us…how’d it go? >_>; I caught glimpses of what was happening while concentrating on all of you and the music though. Olaf-san (I wonder if he’d let me call him Usagi-kun…he DOES look like a bunny after all~) was amazing O_O…I don’t know how he could get over there so far and so fast. With all the gunshots in that direction…it must have really hurt. I feel sorry he had to endure that. >_<;>

I hope everyone isn’t too mad at Nick-san for what he did. >_< I noticed him fiddling with the sound board but wasn’t sure until it was too late. I don’t know what really happened after the equipment blew…I must have blacked out for awhile. x_x Although…I’ve heard tidbits of Viole-san doing something naughty? Not too surprising I guess -_o;;

Neh…a lot of things must have happened when the lot of us were out as I just remember waking up to things being mostly settled with only a couple of those….jerks…left. I’m starting to wonder if Nick-san is mad at me…he threw a flash grenade in my direction (I suppose at the jerks but…didn’t quite go right)…so I decided to get away from him for awhile. >_>;;

I felt better once I was able to tend to Usagi-kun (such a fitting nickname for Olaf-san, no?) but wow….he had SOOO many wounds. O_O

Things to do…
- Maybe it’s time for me to see if I can put my doctor’s license to use again…don’t worry everyone, I’m not going to stop playing with Viole-san or anything! Maybe I can use the extra money for voice lessons and then I can add some harmony for Viole-san…would all of you like that? x3
- I wonder how it’d be to create medicine for Viole-san and myself? …I know she’s poked me for a few, um, toys she wants. Everyone might need to watch out ._.;;
- I think it’s time I got a cell phone. Been awkward a few times I’ve had to be away from Viole-san and no good way to contact her. And no, I won’t be giving all of you my number! xP
- The whole incident made me wonder if I should go do some target practice…and some sort of deterrent. I don’t want to kill ever, but I want to help protect Viole-san and all of you if I can!

Ja Ne~

~Misty-chan _

Viole's blog 002

So I pre-gamed a bit before the show, everyone needs a little morale boost. You can practice as much as possible, but if you keep that up right before the show without a little release, you might explode at the wrong time. Amiright? ;D

Damn propangadist-ers. Ughh… well, for those of you that were there and aren’t dead or in the mend, you know what happened, but I know everyone couldn’t have been free that day, so here’s a recap.

I honestly don’t know what went on and why, I don’t think it had to do with me, but for the reason the gig was gig-ged. I’m not a big follower on politics, figured there was enough, “DOWN WITH THE SYSTEM!” vocalists. I’m just in it for the fun of it. Seriously though, where the fuck did they learn their manners? You don’t just interrupt someone when they’re performing, thank god most of those blowhards got mulched. The giant robo-bunny skated and raped some of the shooters in the trees, seriously, if he and Fade didn’t go running off, most of you attendees wouldn’t be sitting on the net viewing my afterthoughts. Although, there would have been more able-bodied survivors if the speakers didn’t knock the brains out of the ones diehard enough to be in close proximity.

Also, come on guys, I know some of you may support those megaphone wielding blowhards, but you gotta at some point and draw the line between whether or not what they were doing was cool or not. They were wrecking the experience of your fellow fans! Even if you do share their same ideas, think for yourself and do some research in the history decks on past extremist organizations like.. PETA or something.

And yes, I know a lot of you got the chance to see my tits in the flesh. I know some of you have seen it already, but congrats on the newbies! And for those who couldn’t hear, I could have swore one of the blowhards’ bodyguards owned his client for not appreciate my funbags. Made my day, also the fact that I got payed.

Oh, and Misty is okay, my inbox knows your sympathy for her.

Anyhoo, till next time loves~

Viole's blog 001

I know, I know, the blog count is reset, I was messing with the settings.. could get someone to help, but fuck that.

Damn the Electric Clam is getting in some new meat lately. Everyday a new thing is coming to age and realizing, “I think I want me a new tat o, but I need cash,” or, “I really wanna get my gal that new so-and-so attachment…” which isn’t so bad, the ones with their own girls are really hard workers and their bods are well kept for them. It’s so sweet, glad I’m helping them out of my own enjoyment. Although, a lot of them have retained a decent amount of flesh, organic sculpted muscles do beat the factory made in originality.

Oh, I got a gig from Silver Dollar, damn, if that lap dance was any longer he might have found someone else… I should probably get my priorities straight, poor Misty needs some inflow ever since… well, you guys know if you’ve been reading since the beginning. ;D

Silver Dollar got the band a bodyguard already, but I felt the need to get my own muscle that I knew. Good guy, kept his cool even when the newbies caught fire that one time. You think they’d bring more fireproof clothing to one of my shows. Note: Don’t play an enhanced Solo at pool unless you’re just in it for the fun.
Oh man, you guys should have seen his friend, a head wound caused by a gunfight with an old guy. Poor guy kept wanting to go to the hospital, tried getting our favorite medtech to help him… accidently stabbed him. It shocked her nerves so she thinks she’ll try again later or maybe he’ll cave in to go to the hospital, he did ask who was willing to pay his room. Oh, this guy is the guy who’s making my sound travel and making you lovely fans sparkle. I offered to pay for his treatment (he might have a bit of scarring) if he’ll do some work on my future shows. It felt like more of a moral obligation, seeing as how my pal may have made it worse.

When I went to scout out the stage, I got to meet who Silver Dollar hired. A giant robo bunny. I’m pretty damn sure he’s cybered out and could probably punch someone’s leg clear off, which is damn cool. Sadly, the poor sap doesn’t seem to have working genitals or has a very sturdy metal cup.

If you guys haven’t seen the flyer yet or just like being reminded, we’re playing at the Metro next to the giant Dino Turd! Please bring some fireproof protection and make your friends wear some, the chorus of screams from people on fire is rather rude for those trying to enjoy the show.

Love you guys~

Kasumi's First Entry
Kasumi's Log

Well, my first day had a very bad start. >_<

I feel bad about hurting the bodyguard I wanted to heal…though…Viole-san did tell him not to flinch… >_>;;

We went over to the park to see who our bodyguards were and where we were playing. One bodyguard was on his bike, she on her’s, and I drove my car. The bodyguard already there had to gall the call her ‘wide legs’….the nerve! ._.; He was very metal and very forward, still…she took to him easily enough because of his ‘bunny ears’. xD

One of the bodyguards, the one who’s face got more hurt, was setting up the lights and sound equipment. She told him she wanted it to be more sparkly…guess I better to keep away from the stage…and him… x_x;;;;


Journey out of Poverty
Holy fuck am I poor.

You’d think an Engineer, especially one as skilled as myself, would make good money. You’d be wrong. I just went and pissed away my last few hundred Eurobucks on the new Raven Spider bracelet, best 700 I’ve ever spent. In celebration of my new found poverty, I took my Tetsuo down to the Electric Clam.

Now, you’d think there wouldn’t be much to do at a strip club when you are flat broke but, as they say, window shopping is free. Of course, this wasn’t my only motive for coming down here, though it was certainly a good use of my time, as my good pal Fade had a hunch that something would appear for us. And so it did, in the form of the popular Rocker, Viole. I was hired to perform the simple task of setting up her upcoming show’s lights and sound. The pay was 2,500 smackers.

The day after, I decided that I could afford a bit of gas to do some joyriding on my Tetsuo. Oh, yeah, I mentioned my Tetsuo earlier in this log, let me introduce you to the Kundalini Roadworks GSR1200 Tetsuo. This is the bike that has brought me a step closer to an aerodyne. She handles beautifully and I can absolutely not wait until I hit her top speed of 204 mph. That’s 3.4 miles every minute, that’s a football field each and every second. But you’re probably not reading this to listen to me gush over my bike, are you?

Anyway, I’m out on my joyride and some idiot cocksucker decides it would be an absofuckinglutely FANTASTIC idea to pull out ahead of me. This forces me to duck into a side street just to dodge the ass clown, who must have passed his driving test in Asia where monkeys score better than them. Lady Luck must’ve been on the damn rag or something, because RIGHT after that, some old fucking coot decides that it’d be just chipper to walk out into the middle of the street and right in front of me.

We both took a spill, with my poor bike taking the worst of it and in serious need of detailing. He decided to just sit in the middle of the road because he “banged up” his knee, walk it off you pussy. During all of this, he is yelling and cursing at me like its MY fucking fault. Like I intentionally did this. No, it was his retarded ass who decided that he was going to jump out in front of my bike like a god damn suicidal deer, if you want to commit suicide find a semi or a train to step out in front of, probably banking on getting insurance money out of this bullshit situation.

So, I decided to walk over to the geezer shouting mean, vile profanities at me and proceeded to tell him what was what. He shot me. The bloody fucking asshole SHOT me! Hell, he shot me in my fucking face! I’m so glad I had my shades on because I’d probably be missing one of my heads by now, if I hadn’t. Now, I’ll admit that I was a bit angry at this point and pulling out my Superchief may have been just a tad overkill given the situation at hand. But long story short, he got a trim that got a bit too close, my bike got a new coat of paint, and some poor kids out there now have a new memory to share with their family. But seriously, who just shoots a guy?

The fun didn’t end there, though, I got to drive myself back to my bachelor pad and perform my own first aid, you know, since I’m shit broke. I got myself patched up as well as I possibly could and, as soon as I was able to find the time between keeping my wound clean and a MASSIVE migraine, I called my friend, Fade, to see if he, or someone he knew, could get me into a hospital for some proper treatment. What I got was just HILARIOUS. We took a drive around the perimeter of the hospital… Fuck Fade and Viole for that by the way, if Fade wasn’t such an absolute bad ass assassin guy, I would’ve beat them both senseless right there.

The next day, Viole conveniently remembered that “Hey, one of my band mates is a physician!” Would’ve been nice to know that last night… jerk. So, she has her friend come over to fix me up. If by fixing me up you mean shoving a mother fucking scalpel into my forehead, all the while she has the most menacing look on her face ever. A look that says “I have your fucking life in my hands you little bitch, so don’t fuck with me.” Others seemed to have taken it as a look of horror and remorse at what she had just did. No one can say who is right.

After that, is what has, so far, been the most leisurely time I’ve had in the past few days. I went to the stage and started setting up the lights, sound, and pyrotechnics to Viole’s specifications. I met a cool rabbit borg there as well, and he completely agreed with me on the happenings of the other day. I’d tell the old bastard to choke on that, but he doesn’t have much of a neck left, oh well.

Anyway, that’s about all I have to write about today, so I’m going to sign out.


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